Who We Are
We are Licensed Customs Brokers, Certified Import and Export Specialists, employees of companies and service firms, and students/faculty at universities in the Saint Louis region who are involved in import and export regulatory issues. We are supported by legal counsel from Thompson Coburn LLP and have members from many companies in the region. Our organization is open to individuals who are currently working in companies that import and/or export, provide import and/or export compliance services, or are studying or teaching in the area of international trade compliance.

What We Do​​​
​We are an association that provides a forum for networking and for providing the latest information on trade compliance issues. This occurs through regular update notices and bi-monthly meetings where best practices are shared and current topics are discussed.  Our purpose is to support, develop, educate, and be a resource for trade compliance practitioners in the Saint Louis region.  We aim to improve the professionalism of our members, thereby reducing regulatory risks while increasing opportunities for reducing costs for firms we represent. We also aim to promote the trade compliance profession and be a collective voice for the trade compliance community to offices of government regulatory agencies in the region.

Disclaimer: Information provided at STLTCPR meetings or in STLTCPR written communication such as these webpages is not to be taken as legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice.
If you looking to improve your knowledge of import or export regulations, network with trade compliance professionals and learn what local companies are doing in the area of international trade compliance, then the Practitioners Roundtable may be an organization for you.​​
Our Meetings
Our meetings are lively discussions of areas of current interest to trade professionals.  Topics which we have discussed in previous meetings include:​​​​
  • ​Canada import/export compliance issues
  • Mexico import/export compliance issues
  • Best practices for controlling licensable electronic data
  • Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • Continuing audit and enforcement emphasis by Mexico, Canada and US Customs on NAFTA claims
  • "First Sale" valuation rules
  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
  • Dealing with China Customs
  • Export license management and execution
  • Risk management for compliance
  • CBP simplified entry project
Meeting topics are driven by the members and focus on current topics that are important to the group.  To find out more information for the next meeting, please contact us or check the calendar.
There is a $40 annual membership fee.  Membership renewals are solicited in January of the year.  Benefits include meetings, discounts for training offered by nationally recognized training companies and universities, and posting of recent compliance openings.  Non-members may attend meetings but will be charged a $10 attendance fee.